You’re a beginner. You put all your efforts on learning Spanish present tense and wasn’t easy (actually, I think is the most complicated tense to learn!)

You know all the personal pronouns and you feel pretty confident… until your teacher ask you about your weekend.
Now, you’re stuck. You can always change the subject and I don’t know, describe your family or something until you learn more grammar tenses.
Or not.

Let me give you some tips to get most out Spanish present tense and be able to have a conversation.

  • Use ir a + infinitive to talk about future events.Remember in Spanish we have two different ways to talk about the future. We can use Futuro simple, or we can use the  form IR a + infinitive.  Then, you don’t need to learn a new tense. You can simple conjugate the verb IR and use infinitive.Ejemplos:
    1) El próximo fin de semana voy a salir con mis amigos.
    2) Esta tarde voy a ir a cenar con mi novia.


  • Use present tense to talk about things you are doing at the moment.Usually, we use Present continuos, but you can use Simple Present and it will be fine.Ejemplos:
    1) Ahora hago mi tarea.
    2) En este momento voy a mi trabajo.


  • Use a time marker to clarify you’re talking about past tense.Of course, it’s more correct if you use Past tense, but if you use a time marker people will understand you anyways. Don’t worry, your Spanish doesn’t have to be perfect.Ejemplos:
    1) La semana pasada comienzo un nuevo curso de español.
    2) El año pasado voy de vacaciones a la playa.


Now, you’re able to express your thoughts. Enjoy!


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